Our Eyes are a Very Vulnerable Place

Perhaps no other area of human anatomy performs such a balancing act between function and appearance as the eyes. Consequently, our eyes are also one of the most common places of injury or disease. From a very young age, we are often programmed to protect our eyes from the elements. But our helmets, sunglasses and sunblock cannot do everything to protect our eyelids.

Injury of the eyelids, either through trauma or skin cancer, can create noticeable differences in eyelid appearance. Obvious or even subtle deformities of the eyelid can unfortunately sometimes create feelings of intense aversion and can certainly affect our human interactions. Correction of these types of deformities lies in the skilled hands of plastic surgeons with the specialized training required to treat the eyelids. Oculoplastic Surgery, commonly known as Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the Eyelid, is a dual subspecialty of both Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery. This discipline involves specialized training to surgically treat abnormalities and deformities of the eye socket (orbit), the tear system, the eyelid and its surrounding facial tissues.

Dr. Pacella has an aesthetic sense for identifying and treating deformities of the eyelids. These can be commonly found after removal of skin cancer on the eyelid, cheek or face (i.e. Reconstruction after Moh’s Surgery), or after a traumatic injury during which the bony architecture of the orbit or face is disrupted (i.e. Facial or Orbital Floor Fracture). In addition, patients who suffer from facial nerve paralysis may require special expertise to restore eyelid closure and to protect the cornea from exposure.

If you have suffered a traumatic injury of your eyelid or face, have been diagnosed with skin cancer of the eyelid or have scarring from previous surgery, Dr. Pacella can assist you. During your consultation, Dr. Pacella will discuss all of your reconstructive options and formulate a treatment plan tailored specifically to your situation.

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